Monday, December 23, 2013


I began this legacy a while ago, when my original (and now defunct) legacy based on Christopher Steel of Sunset Valley imploded, thanks to travelling corruption and general game borkiness. In attempting to gather together photos of the family for a final family tree, I found that one of the overseas relatives was inexplicably still alive, and that their children had since had two more kids. I saved one of the kids, just in case I wanted him for later.

Well, I did want that young man later, after I got an idea for another legacy. It occurred to me that I didn't make a lot of use of World Adventures in my legacies, because of the hassle of travelling overseas and risk of corruption. Still, though, it's a fun EP and I wanted to use it a bit more. So I got the idea of re-booting my legacy with the distant relative. Because he is a foreigner who can't speak the "language" of the land that he now lives in, that also precludes him getting a high-paying job, or building a super-nice house, or making a lot of friends, or many other things that a sim normally does.The rules for my legacy are fairly complicated to accommodate this, so I won't waste your time plotting it out. (Also, at least four EPs have come out since I began this story and I haven't made allowances for any of them.)

Although I don't play legacies for points, I do play by the standard rules, so this will be a classic legacy in the spirit of the original rules. Traits and sims will be accepted as is; no cheats, no aspiration rewards, no do-overs.

One last thing to note--I began this legacy conforming to TSR's PG-13 writing policy. If you originally read it over there, please note that the rating is higher now. Mostly for language, but I will warn you up front if an update contains sexual content.

Enjoy :)

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